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Thursday, October 25, 2012

SSB Army/Navy/Airforce- shortcut to success

Well i know this is an embarassing post-

People often say that there is no shortcut to success.. true.. but candidates especially teens love some shortcuts, the very reason you are looking at this blog before your interview states my purpose..

1- You applied cause there were no job opportunities in your respective field
2- Saw some armed forces guy, was impressed had no clue about the life ahead and applied
3- Saw some inspirational movie- list is endless
4- Wanted to live a target free life( for private sector people)
5- etc etc

Whatever might have been your purpose for filing that application and writing the exam.. it's a noble task that you have committed upon yourself.

I am not interested in making this a long, boring piece of blog.

So here i go.

1- You already read a thousand blogs before arriving here. So you know all #@$#@
2- Still some of the good ones i am mentioning here are -
The gentleman above has taken a lot of pain in writing out minute details// so it's a good read..

My blog is like student life.. when you decided before your exams that you will read for 10 hrs every day and somehow you are just left with 24 hrs :) happens with everyone.

1- The concentric circle

The innermost circle is about you ( aims, strength , etc, etc, parents
next your city, state, school, etc,
next india
next india's neighbours
next foreign countries us russia etc

This should provide a brief idea about things to study properly before leaving.

Officers love asking about inter state affairs, realtions with neighbouring countries.

2- Dress properly at all times.

3- Get an edge over other candidates at the centre,,read extra, get up early, go read the newspaper for some time at the ANTE room.

4- if possible , chat up with fellow ssb aspirants asking them to cooperate during all tasks and avoid any confrontation, mock gd's in room can be great. will show who's aggressive- ask him to cooperate a bit more.

5- If you are left with a few days of preparation.. internet can be a great tool

Must read

Try to read your respective department- army. navy. af
atleast 2 months details

6- If somehow you had an uneventful life in school/ college- reading about interesting activites like trekking, sports would not harm

7- Interviewers also love book readers.. so pick up a list of best sellers. and ( read the book summary ) good enough

8-  Last but not the least get a book on ssb preparation by Arihant.. read from cover to cover.. that's all

for the outdoor tasks,, coaching is not a necessity.. in case you are curious about them
go through some videos on youtube

There are lots of them( was not available when i went :)

So you get the entire idea before you leave and you can be confident.. rest leave it upto them .

Last but not the least -- there are correct answers and then there are thoughtful answers

Q- Tell me something about your school
A- I studied in XYZ school, located in ABCD city from class 2- 12

A-  Another one: i studied in DPS which is a non-profit, not proprietary, private,educational organization.The DPS Family with its transcontinental identity is not merely a list of institutions or facts It is a network of value systems and relationship

So you get it... answers v/s researched answers.... 

Please write to me when you get through.. feels great to be able to help someone virtually.

Best Regards

( Was recommmended in my 1st attempt
from NSB Coimbatore- Oct 2008)


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